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Articulation Speech Therapy: Favorite Activities, Games, and Books to Target the TH Sounds

As a busy speech language pathologist, I appreciate finding comprehensive information and therapy inspiration in one place. This blog post is an attempt to provide information about the “th” sounds as well as share some of my favorite...

17 FUN Ways to Use Articulation Flashcards to Get Multiple Repetitions

Eliciting multiple repetitions of target speech sound(s) is important in developing articulation skills. According to a systematic review of 5 research articles, the available evidence suggests that “…high-frequency (Allen, 2013)...

Draw and Say Articulation Worksheets

 I was inspired to make these because I wanted something fun and functional for my clients. All you need to do is print and grab some crayons OR share your screen and use the annotation tools - you and your students are set to draw and...