17 FUN Ways to Use Articulation Flashcards to Get Multiple Repetitions

Eliciting multiple repetitions of target speech sound(s) is important in developing articulation skills. According to a systematic review of 5 research articles, the available evidence suggests that “…high-frequency (Allen, 2013) individual sessions with a dose of at least 50, but preferably 70 or more, trials per session (Williams, 2012) may be most effective in treating […]

Draw and Say Articulation Worksheets

Fun and functional articulation worksheets for in person AND distance learning speech therapy session. HAVE FUN!

Fun Articulation Puzzles for Speech Therapy

Fun Articulation Puzzles for Speech Therapy Practice! This Bundle on teacherspayteachers includes 24 different sound puzzles that you can re-use with your students and children!

Articulation Flashcards with Visual Placement Cues

Articulation Flashcards with visual placement cues to help your child or student correctly say his or her target sound(s)!

“S” Articulation Cards with Visuals and “S” Sound Puzzle Cards

My school-aged clients will be arriving soon so I’m getting ready for my afternoon sessions. Can you guess what sound we’re working on? The “S” sound or aka the Snake Sound. I designed these unique cards a few years ago and they have been very effective in supporting my clients’ ability to say “S”. These […]

Articulation Practice: Carryover to Conversation

At Scanlon Speech Therapy, I ensure the proper environment for carryover is established from the client’s first session. Carryover happens when a particular speech skill learned in the therapy room is used in all speaking situations. Thus, the speech skill leaves the therapy room. Carryover is our ultimate goal. I have clients start with what […]

Articulation Practice for Everyday

Speech practice should be fun and functional. Your child, teenager, spouse or loved one will not want to practice by doing boring drills. Photo Source: Photo Credit: Philippe Put Here are some fun articulation activities to try. Choose those which best fit your loved one’s age and interests. For practice at the word level: Play “I spy” […]