Learning to Read is a Ball

Do you want to prepare your child to be a lifelong, successful, and passionate reader?

Jump start your child’s early reading skills while having a ball!

This is not just another beginning reader book. Learning to Read is a Ball is a one-of-a-kind, versatile resource that will assist in building your child’s language and early literacy skills. This unique and adaptable book can be used with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. It is a must-have for anyone interested in developing language and literacy in young children.

Learning To Read is a Ball Includes:

  • A delightful rhyming 28-page children’s picture book about balls
  • A 17 page parent guide that carefully explains:
    • How to develop oral language using different reading styles
    • How to use synonyms and antonyms to build vocabulary
    • How to encourage storytelling
    • How to play with rhymes and alliteration to build the understanding that words
      are made up of different sounds
    • How to highlight letters and words to stimulate print awareness

Develop these foundational reading skills in your child, and you’ll take pride knowing you helped prepare your little one for formal reading instruction going into pre-school or kindergarten.

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About The Author

KimberlyScanlonKimberly Scanlon, a New Jersey licensed and nationally certified speech language pathologist, formed Scanlon Speech Therapy in January of 2011. An innovative thinker and passionate therapist, Kimberly decided to create a unique practice driven by compassion, integrity, and best practice.




What Others Are Saying

"Undoubtedly, children will find the illustrations and story line of "Learning to Read is a Ball" captivating. However, I believe the parent guide is the most valuable portion of this book. Not only will it provide strategies and tips to use with "Learning to Read is a Ball", but it also serves as a great jumping-off point for a host of other books!”
Tej Sohan
Speech Language Pathologist / Let’s Talk Speech and Language
"Kimberly has packed a lot into what looks like a simple book. The concepts are illustrated clearly, there are rhyming words, descriptive vocabulary, a variety of verbs (doing words) AND even encouragement for writing skills!"
Alex Trichilo
Speech Therapist / The Speel
"I highly recommend this book to parents, early intervention professionals, as well as speech language pathologists as a terrific research-based resource for improving oral language and emergent reading abilities of young children with and without language disorders."
Tatyana Elleseff
Speech Language Pathologist / Smart Speech Therapy
"Scanlon’s book is like a two for one. It’s a picture book and it’s a how-to guide for parents. With the skills learned in this book, you can promote your child’s literacy anywhere or with any story."
Sheana Johnson
Teacher and Reading Specialist / Empowering Parents to Teach
"The information Kimberly provides is research-based and presented in a quick, easy to read and understand way. I am excited to have a copy in my office library that I can now share with parents. If you have a young child or emergent reader, I highly recommend it!"
Cassandra Stafford
Speech Language Pathologist / Vlinder Communication Therapies
"This book could be an amazing resource in your speech arsenal as well. It could also be a great gift to new parents. I know what I'm buying for the next book-themed baby shower I plan on attending!"
Maria Del Duca
Speech Language Pathologist / Communication Station Speech Therapy
"I love the way Learning to Read is a Ball guides parents through different ways to make reading come alive. I love the way the story centers on ACTIONS. It inspires me to have some balls out during reading and act out the actions mentioned. I would like to show it to clients, to give them a well rounded experience in speech."
Ann Kulichik
Speech Language Pathologist / akspeech
"It is a fun, interactive book that is written with children in mind. The book is a great foundation for building your child’s storytelling skills. My daughter made up her own story about a ball for dinner. Yes at 2!"
Parenting Blogger / FAB Haute Mama


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