My Toddler Talks

MY TODDLER TALKS by Kimberly Scanlon is a “must have” for anyone interested in facilitating language development in young children. Parents, speech language pathologists and educators will find this book invaluable in helping children achieve communicative success! You’ll learn from an experienced pediatric speech language pathologist specifically how to use play routines and evidence based techniques to facilitate first words and early word combinations. Read My Toddler Talks and be empowered; accelerate your child’s communication skills.



  • 25 fun play routines designed to improve your child’s speech and language skills
  • Straightforward instructions with many examples to foster understanding and empowerment
  • Step by step directions on how to elicit communication from your child
  • Numerous language stimulation tips, techniques and strategies
  • Suggested goals to drive results
  • Charts to monitor progress with your child
  • A system to track your child’s word growth
  • Ways to incorporate speech development activities into your daily routines
  • Advice on how to maximize your child’s potential without causing pressure or frustration
  • Ideas for troubleshooting development setbacks