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Enhance Your Speech Therapy Sessions with ‘Picky Kitty’ – A Must-Have Game for Every Speech Therapist

As speech therapists, we're constantly on the lookout for engaging and versatile games that can captivate our young clients while addressing their speech and language goals. Look no further – allow me to introduce you to a gem in the world of...

Same and Different: Why Speech Therapists and Educators Should Target this Basic Concept

Have you ever wondered how young children perceive and understand the world around them? Observing a child play or watching them explore sheds some light into what they are thinking. A child may pick up a fallen leaf and look at it but what else do...

New Beginnings for Scanlon Speech Therapy

After much contemplation, introspection, and retrospection, I have made the difficult decision to close my private practice. Since its establishment in 2011, my boutique private practice has been a fulfilling and rewarding journey. I am...