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Why Do Leaves Change Color? A Nonfiction Speech Therapy Packet

September marks the beginning of autumn. It’s a month of change and new beginnings for many. Children go back to school, the air becomes cooler, and berries and watermelons are replaced with apples and pumpkins. In the colder, mountainous areas,...

A Summer Speech Therapy Book: The Very Lonely Firefly

One summer evening, I was sitting in my backyard enjoying a moment of peace and quiet when I quickly saw a flash of light move across our backyard. It was a firefly! I reminisced about catching fireflies as a child and delighted in soon...

Irresistible Speech Therapy in Bergen County

I recently discovered an inspirational presentation by a charismatic speech language pathologist named Gina Davies. In it she implores her audience to ask themselves: "Is My Therapy Irresistible?" Here are some takeaways from Gina’s...