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Snuggle Puppy! A Little Love Song for Your Toddler’s Speech

Snuggle Puppy a great book for toddler language development With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought to myself, “Why not write a post about Snuggle Puppy!" I'm a dog lover, a music lover, and you’ve guessed it - a snuggle...

Incidental Learning and Speech Therapy

Young children learn many new words and concepts when it's not necessarily planned or intentional; the learning is incidental. The child is engaged in an activity, one she finds enjoyable, or is going about her business, when – BOOM -  she...

My Toddler Talks – Book Reviews by Speech Language Pathologists

My Toddler Talks - Book Reviews My Toddler Talks I'm thrilled to report that many individuals who have independently reviewed My Toddler Talks have found it to be a worthwhile resource! If you are interested in reading what people are saying and...