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Christmas/Holiday Lights Scavenger Hunt

Tradition! It’s part of what makes the holidays so special. For many of us, getting in the spirit entails taking out the lights and displays and festively decorating our homes while playing Christmas carols and sipping eggnog. Or, it...

The Time Timer: What Most Speech Therapists, Educators, and Parents Should Own

“We’re leaving the house in 5 minutes.” “Bedtime is in 15 minutes!” “You have ten minutes to answer these questions.” To many children, these statements mean nothing. What does 10 minutes look like? What does it feel like? Time can be...

Fun Activities to Promote Listening Skills

  Good listening is imperative to learning and academic success. In this post, I’m sharing some fun activities to promote active listening skills. Included, you’ll see pictures of a resource I created. This packet is...