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Listening Skills: The Give Me Five Technique

Listening and learning go hand-in-hand. Weak listening skills can negatively impact a person’s ability to learn. Many children need to learn how to listen. According to speech language pathologists, Liz Spooner and Jacqui Woodcock, and...

Listening Skills: How to Get Your Child’s Attention BEFORE Speaking

Photo Credit: wildrosetn39 How often do we give a child a direction to follow, a task to complete, or a question to answer only to be met with a “What?” or no response at all? If you have a child who struggles to understand auditory...

How to Use the Napping House to Promote Language and Early Literacy Skills

  If you are a parent to a young child, a speech language pathologist, or an educator, The Napping House by Audrey and Don Wood is the perfect addition to your library. Amazon affiliate links have been included. In this post, I’ll explain...