The Time Timer: What Most Speech Therapists, Educators, and Parents Should Own

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“We’re leaving the house in 5 minutes.”

“Bedtime is in 15 minutes!”

“You have ten minutes to answer these questions.”

To many children, these statements mean nothing.

What does 10 minutes look like? What does it feel like?

Time can be such an arbitrary, abstract concept, especially for those who struggle to manage time or have not yet developed a reliable internal clock.

If it is painful to get your child, student, or client to efficiently complete a task or transition to another activity, I highly recommend using a Time Timer.

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What is a Time Timer?

A Time Timer is visual clock that shows the passage of time. A colored disk gradually disappears as time elapses. This allows the individual to see how much time is left or how much time is needed to complete a task. 

Why Use a Time Timer?

This visual tool can help individuals manage time, initiate and complete tasks, get things done, and transition between activities because they can SEE the time ticking away.

As a parent, this has been tremendously helpful in getting my daughter to quickly take action and complete a task. Also, it saves me from constantly repeating myself (“Kerri, please put away your toys.”) by giving her a visual cue to move faster and stay on task.

*I own the large, 12 inch version but there are several sizes available depending on your preference.

Time Timer Suggestions:

  • Use to manage work tasks
  • Use to ease transitions and daily routines (e.g. getting ready in the morning)
  • Use to designate homework and study time
  • Use to take study breaks
  • Use to provide mental rest

Have you ever used a Time Timer? How do you use it to help yourself or your children manage their time?

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