Listening Skills: The Give Me Five Technique

Listening Skills: Give Me Five

Listening and learning go hand-in-hand. Weak listening skills can negatively impact a person’s ability to learn. Many children need to learn how to listen.

According to speech language pathologists, Liz Spooner and Jacqui Woodcock, and authors of the book, Teaching Children to Listen: A Practical Approach to Developing Children’s Listening Skills * teaching children to listen involves (*Amazon affiliate link included):

  • Teaching what good listening means
  • Explaining why good listening is a helpful thing to do
  • Motivating them to engage in good listening independently

Give Me 5  is a visual technique to help children demonstrate good active listening.

It entails having them do the following with 5 different body parts:

  1. Eyes are watching.
  2. Ears are listening
  3. Mouth is closed.
  4. Body is upright and calm.
  5. Hands are empty and still.

I created this visual of Give Me Five and regularly use it with my clients and daughter.

Give Me Five

It is available for download in The Listen and Follow the Directions Packet: Fun Activities to Promote Your Child’s Listening Skills.

Click the image below to learn more!

Listen and follow the directions

Source: Swain, K.D., Friehe, M.M., Harrington, J.M. (2004). Teaching listening strategies in the inclusive classroom. Intervention in School and Clinic, 40, 48-54

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