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Book Review: Stuttering It’s What You Think

Stuttering It’s What You Think: A Guide on Split-Second Decision Making for Parents and Professionals Who Love and Teach Kids Who Stutter  by Dominique Kennedy, MS, CCC-SLP and Geoffrey Mount Varner, MD What is This Book...

Articulation Flashcards with Visual Placement Cues

These aren’t your typical articulation flashcards! Must have articulation flashcards for SLPs and Parents! These flashcards are exceptional because a colorful placement visual is included to help your child or student say his or her target...

Homeschooling During a Pandemic – Week 3

How is everyone doing? It’s March 30th and week 3 of homeschooling is in full swing. In addition to what we have done in the past (see week 1 and week 2), here’s what’s new at The Scanlon School: Cosmic Kids Yoga – We tried this...