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A Step-By-Step Way to Teach Prepositions in Speech Therapy

Have you ever thought about how necessary and important prepositions are to survive in society? Although I regularly target them during my sessions with young children, I don’t think I’ve truly appreciated just how important they are in daily...

How to Design A Close-Ended Activity

Close-ended activities are those that have an end result or a specific objective to achieve.  When all the pieces of the puzzle are in, the child will realize that the puzzle is complete. When the last page of the book is turned, the child will...

7 Tips for a Peaceful and Enjoyable Family Vacation

I just got back from my two-week vacation. Sounds indulgent, right? The time off was much needed, and the first week of our vacation was honestly my favorite! We were NOT overbooked, had no real plans, and simply went to the beach, played games,...