Draw and Say Articulation Worksheets

 I was inspired to make these because I wanted something fun and functional for my clients.

All you need to do is print and grab some crayons OR share your screen and use the annotation tools – you and your students are set to draw and practice their target sounds!

Easy Peasy and FUN!

ALL 24 sounds are included in this product.

The Draw and Say Articulation Worksheets are available in color and in black and white. The sheets can be quickly printed for individual use OR they can be used digitally with annotation tools.

They are available for purchase in my teachers pay teachers store for $2.75!


  • P Sound
  • B Sound
  • M Sound
  • N Sound
  • W Sound
  • H Sound
  • F Sound
  • V Sound
  • K Sound
  • G Sound
  • T Sound
  • D Sound
  • L Sound
  • S Sound
  • Z Sound
  • R Sound
  • R Sound
  • SH Sound
  • Ch Sound
  • J Sound
  • TH Sound

How to Use Them:

– After introducing the target sound, ask the student to draw a picture containing the target sound. Specify if the sound should be in the initial, middle, or final position of the word. Then, guess what he or she drew. This is VERY fun and engaging. Talk about the drawing using the target word.

– These worksheets are also a FAST and SIMPLE way to provide homework. You can write notes or additional information in the notes section.

Here is a quick video preview of my product – see it in action:

– NOTE: These can easily be used during virtual sessions as the student or clinician can draw using the annotation tools!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy these worksheets and like using them during your therapy sessions 🙂

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