Getting Your Toddler to Say the “P”, “B” and “M” Sounds

If your toddler has difficulty producing Ps, Bs, or Ms, otherwise known as bilabials please scroll down to read some tips and see my recommended books that are loaded with these sounds. The “P” Sound The “p” sound is made by bringing both lips together and pushing the sound out in a sudden manner. Speech […]

Reading Books With Your Toddler

Reading books with your toddlers should be an enjoyable experience. However, sometimes it’s difficult to fully engage an active toddler. If this is the case, try following these tips. First, determine if you’ve selected the appropriate book. My previous post  Types of Books to Improve Your Toddler’s Language gives some suggestions on how to choose appropriate books […]

Types of Books to Improve Your Toddler’s Language

Types of Books to Improve Your Toddler’s Language You’re at the book store wondering what books to buy your darling 2 year old. You think to yourself: “Well, last time Hannah really liked the Dr. Seuss book, but she tore the pages within seconds.” “As a child, I really liked Mr. Pine’s Purple House, but […]