What is a Phonological Process?

Does your child consistently say “pish” or “tish” for “fish” or “TB” for “TV”? Photo Source: Photo Credit: hoyasmeg If such substitution patterns frequently occur then he’s mostly likely  demonstrating what’s called a – phonological process. What is a phonological process? A phonological process occurs when a predictable pattern of errors is produced in attempts to […]

Tips for Saying the “F” and “V” Sounds

Photo Source: Photo Credit: harryalverson Tips for Saying the “F” and “V” Sounds: Call the sound something that describes the hissing quality of the “f” (the angry cat sound) or the vibrating sound of the “v” (the vacuum sound). FYI: The “f” is a voiceless sound- your vocal cords do not vibrate when it’s produced in isolation. […]