How to Use Books to Improve Toddlers’ Communication Skills

How to Use Books to Improve Toddlers’ Communication Skills Last month, I happily contributed a fantastic article to the fine folks over at Pediastaff entitled, How to Use Books to Improve Toddlers’ Communication Skills. If you are interested in this topic or are wondering how to engage your toddler in book reading to promote language […]

Incidental Learning and Speech Therapy

Young children learn many new words and concepts when it’s not necessarily planned or intentional; the learning is incidental. The child is engaged in an activity, one she finds enjoyable, or is going about her business, when – BOOM –  she learns something new. Incidental learning can be one of the best ways to learn […]

Expansions and Extensions To Improve Language

  So, your little guy has started talking but you’ve noticed that he’s not using complete sentences to convey his thoughts. For instance, he will combine two words together like “baby cry” or “mommy cook”, but not produce grammatically correct sentences like “The baby is crying” or “Mommy is cooking”. What should you do? Use expansions […]

Spring Flowers: Arts and Crafts Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Spring has sprung! And, so have many beautiful flowers. Here’s an easy but fun arts and crafts activity for your toddlers and preschoolers. I have designed it to facilitate speech and language skills. Some helpful tips and strategies to stimulate vocabulary development are also included. How to Color Flowers with Bingo Markers Materials: Bingo markers […]

Apps to Improve Communication in Toddlers and Preschoolers

Looking for some apps to improve your toddler’s or preschooler’s language? Or, looking for some apps to possibly motivate your young child to communicate? Apps are becoming increasingly popular with young children. Many of us may be shocked or even outraged when we see a toddler independently navigate a tablet… …but I’m not really amazed. […]

Getting Your Toddler to Say the “P”, “B” and “M” Sounds

If your toddler has difficulty producing Ps, Bs, or Ms, otherwise known as bilabials please scroll down to read some tips and see my recommended books that are loaded with these sounds. The “P” Sound The “p” sound is made by bringing both lips together and pushing the sound out in a sudden manner. Speech […]

Reading Books With Your Toddler

Reading books with your toddlers should be an enjoyable experience. However, sometimes it’s difficult to fully engage an active toddler. If this is the case, try following these tips. First, determine if you’ve selected the appropriate book. My previous post  Types of Books to Improve Your Toddler’s Language gives some suggestions on how to choose appropriate books […]

Types of Books to Improve Your Toddler’s Language

Types of Books to Improve Your Toddler’s Language You’re at the book store wondering what books to buy your darling 2 year old. You think to yourself: “Well, last time Hannah really liked the Dr. Seuss book, but she tore the pages within seconds.” “As a child, I really liked Mr. Pine’s Purple House, but […]