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Articulation Flashcards with Visual Placement Cues

These aren’t your typical articulation flashcards! Must have articulation flashcards for SLPs and Parents! These flashcards are exceptional because a colorful placement visual is included to help your child or student say his or her target...

“S” Articulation Cards with Visuals and “S” Sound Puzzle Cards

My school-aged clients will be arriving soon so I’m getting ready for my afternoon sessions. Can you guess what sound we’re working on? The “S” sound or aka the Snake Sound. I designed these unique cards a few years ago and they...

Articulation Practice: Carryover to Conversation

At Scanlon Speech Therapy, I ensure the proper environment for carryover is established from the client's first session. Carryover happens when a particular speech skill learned in the therapy room is used in all speaking situations. Thus, the...