“S” Articulation Cards with Visuals and “S” Sound Puzzle Cards

"S" Sound Flashcards, "S" Sound puzzles

My school-aged clients will be arriving soon so I’m getting ready for my afternoon sessions.

Can you guess what sound we’re working on?

The “S” sound or aka the Snake Sound.

I designed these unique cards a few years ago and they have been very effective in supporting my clients’ ability to say “S”.

These “S” articulation cards aren’t your typical flashcards to practice the “S” sound.

They are exceptional because a colorful placement visual of the mouth is included on each card! This mouth visual provides extra support to individuals who may need reminders on where to place their articulators.

36 “S” Sound Flashcards with the mouth visual are included in the packet

  • There are 12 initial “s” flashcards (e.g. soup)
  • There are 12 medial “s” flashcards (e.g. baseball)
  • There are 12 final “s” flashcards (e.g. gas)

Each card contains a placement visual for the speech articulator (e.g. lips, teeth, tongue, etc.). These placement visuals (aka the mouth position) are carefully positioned on each card to correspond to the location of the target “s” sound. For instance, for words that start with “s”, the visual cue is located at the beginning of the word. For words that end with “s”, the placement visual is located at the end of the word.

"S" sound, articulation therapy, clothespins

See those clothespins? Depending on the client’s age and abilities, I’ll have him or her say the word containing the target sound while looking at the articulation card and then squeeze the clothespin and attach it to the card. Squeezing the clothespins helps to develop fine motor skills and it’s keeps children actively engaged. THEN, to make the experience more rewarding, I’ll have the child try to drop the articulation card into a jar or box – SO FUN!!

"s" sound articulation cards

My “S” Sound Puzzle cards have the same images as the “S” Sound Flashcards. I did this on purpose because I want my clients to achieve a high level of accuracy by practicing his or her best word production.

S Sound puzzles, articulation, speech therapy

This hands-on speech therapy activity makes sense to children and is FUN! If you laminate the cards, you can use it over and over again. Make once and then repeat.

Hope you enjoy!

My “S” Sound Articulation Cards with the Placement Visual and “S” Sound Puzzle Cards are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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