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Getting Your Toddler to Say the “P”, “B” and “M” Sounds

Children's articulation or the ability to say speech sounds, require some time and practice to mature and improve. As explained in My Toddler's First Words, mispronunciations are common when children are learning to speak. As children's vocabularies...

Reading Books With Your Toddler

Reading books with your toddlers should be an enjoyable experience. However, sometimes it’s difficult to fully engage an active toddler. If this is the case, try following these tips. First, determine if you’ve selected the appropriate...

Back to School in Bergen County – Speech Therapy

“School days, school days, dear old golden rule days…” Aw, the summer’s over, but don’t be blue, Scanlon Speech Therapy is here to help you! Give a call today And you’ll be well on your way To speaking fine and feeling...