Vocabulary Development: Why is it good to re-read the same books to your children?

Vocabulary Development: Why is it good to re-read the same books to your children?

They say, “Variety is the spice of life”, but according to research toddlers and preschoolers build their vocabularies faster when they are re-read the same book.

Re-reading books develops vocab

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Dr. Jessica Horst from University of Sussex’s WORD Lab performed an experiment to see how quickly 3 year olds could identify and remember 6 new words. Her research revealed the following:

  1. Toddlers and preschoolers learned and recalled MORE new words when the same book was repeatedly read to them.
  2. They also learned the words at a faster rate.

Next time your little one asks to be read the same book, grin and bear it, or better yet smile and embrace those intimate moments knowing that familiarity and repetition is good for vocabulary development!

“Re-reading offers something that few other cultural experiences do, really: a mix of gentle stability and sharp new insight. In childhood, “as we become accustomed to a world in which change is the only real constant, the familiarity of the book at bedtime is something to cling to.” – Sarah Seltzer

Here’s a book that my precious one is making me read every night:

 At the Beach book cover

What book is your child asking you to read and re-read?


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Kimberly Scanlon, M.A. CCC-SLP is a speech language pathologist, an author and a mother. As the owner of Scanlon Speech Therapy, LLC, a unique boutique practice in Bergen County, Kimberly embraces individuality and treats the whole person. Her goal is to spread compassion, hope, and some speech, language and literacy tips one moment, one person at a time.  Her first book, My Toddler Talks: Strategies and Activities to Promote Your Child’s Language Development and her second book, Learning to Read is a Ball are available for purchase at online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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