The Napping House: A Language and Early Literacy Book Companion

The Napping House: A Language and Early Literacy Book Companion

This 30-page book companion to The Napping House has several handouts and activities that can be used to expand your students’ vocabulary, practice storytelling, and encourage early literacy skills. Use this book companion if you are a speech therapist and working with children from preschool to 3rd grade.

The included activities are interactive, fun, and hands-on!

  • Some are print and go
  • Some can easily be used digitally
  • Some involve lamination and prep work but once completed, can be used and re-used

Disclaimer: Please know my product is not affiliated with the author or the publishers of The Napping House. This product was designed to be used as a companion for The Napping House.

Updated 1/21/21: New Vocabulary Word Map and New Cleanly Designed Sheets for pasting the Stacking Storytelling Pieces

This is a great product to use for In-person AND remote/virtual speech therapy sessions.


What’s included?

  • Going on a Picture Walk:
    • Pre-reading questions to stimulate interest and curiosity
    • Pre-reading draw a picture activity
  • Making Connections
    • Ask questions and make comments to activate prior knowledge and to make reading a new book a more personal and meaningful experience. 
    • Making connections worksheet
  • Vocabulary Development
    • Vocabulary sorting mats – Have your child sort the synonyms for sleep, awake, and cozy to become further familiarized with these new vocabulary words.
    • Vocabulary puzzles – Have your child match up the pictures and encourage them to practice reciting the lyrical phrases. All my clients and my daughter LOVED this activity. FYI – The black and white images are more challenging to match up. 
    • NEW 2021!! Vocabulary Word Map – A helpful visual organizer to facilitate vocabulary development
  • Storytelling
    • Stacking Activities – Fun, hands-on activity to promote storytelling skills. 
    • NEW 2021! Two cleanly designed sheets to paste the storytelling stacks
    • Storytelling Map – A story map is a visual support to help children learn important aspects in a story.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy this resource 🙂

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About the SLP:

Kimberly Scanlon, MA, CCC-SLP is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist and has earned 4 awards for continuing education (ACE). She is also the author of the best selling book, “My Toddler Talks: Strategies and Activities to Promote Your Child’s Language Development”, the interactive picture book, “Learning to Read is a Ball”, and “My Toddler’s First Words: A Step-By-Step Guide to Jump-Start, Track, and Expand Your Toddler’s Language”.

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