In the Ocean: Receptive and Expressive Language Activities for Speech Therapy

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In the Ocean Receptive and Expressive Language Activities for Speech Therapy is a fun-filled packet containing various activities and games to target improving a child’s receptive (understanding words and language as well as listening skills) and expressive language skills (using words and language to express thoughts).

This packet includes the following activities to improve your child’s vocabulary as well as his or her ability to describe, listen, follow directions, and remember (via using strategies to enhance working memory):

  • Memory Cards
  • Paper Puzzles
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Listen and Follow the Directions Activity
  • Listen, Learn, and Remember Game
    • (Fun Facts about Ocean Animals)

Using a thematic approach, a child is introduced or re-introduced to vocabulary associated with the ocean (e.g. humpback whale, coral, sea turtle, sperm whale, etc.).

Since repetition is vital to language learning, In the Ocean includes several different ways for vocabulary to be entertainingly experienced (e.g. Colorful cards to play memory and cute puzzles to put together). Please see below:ocean, speech therapy, vocabulary

ocean animals, puzzle pieces

puzzle pieces, speech therapy

However, In the Ocean targets MORE than just vocabulary! There are 5 different Venn Diagrams (in color AND in black and white) to assist your child in comparing and contrasting various animals and items associated with the ocean.

Here are two examples below:

puzzle pieces, venn diagram

Just in case you do not want to print in color, I have also made the venn diagrams in black and white:

ocean animals, venn diagram

THEN, there is the Ocean themed  – Listen and Follow the Directions Activity that encourages your child to carefully listen and follow super amusing directions (basic one-step directions and more complex two-step directions).

Can you guess what the spoken directions were? Fun directions that teach your child to listen to the entire direction are included in the packet.

And, last (but certainly not least) there is the Listen, Learn, and Remember Game that teaches your child fun facts about various ocean animals. Your child will have a blast playing this game!

In the Ocean can be used by speech therapists, educators, and parents and enjoyed by children in Kindergarten through at least 4thgrade.

If you’re interested in purchasing this product, please CLICK HERE.

Hope you enjoy this product!!

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