These are a few of my favorite things (speech therapy books for parents)

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This month I had the honor of decorating the main entrance display to the Ramsey Library.

I showcased a mini collection of some of my favorite parent friendly speech and language therapy books. My ultimate goal in sharing these books is to inform and empower parents and caregivers so they can make a difference in their child’s speech, language, cognition, and feeding skills.

If you’re squinting to read the titles of the books, I apologize as I’m a terrible photographer, please be relieved to know that I have listed them in this post. Amazon affiliate links have been included. Please click on the images to read descriptions of the books.

Intermingled between some of my favorite books (even more are located on my resources page), are some fun facts, FAQs, and information about speech language pathology and various disorders. As you’ll see SLPs do more than just articulation!

Who are SLPs

 Here is the ONLY book on this list NOT written by an SLP, but it’s still a wonderful and very informative read, especially if you want to learn about sign language and early language acquisition.

Playing is learning

Go to My Toddler Talks to read more about this interactive workbook.

Please read my review of Just Play with Me by clicking HERE.

Click here to learn more about Learning to Read is a Ball.

Intelligibility Norms

Source: Chart adapted from Linguisystems

To read more about intelligibility, please read Is Your Child Intelligible?.

 Great picture book for young children who have a tongue thrust.

Risk Factor for stuttering. jpg

Read: The King’s Speech

My Child Sucks Her Thumb

Click here to read the interview Oral Motor Development and Pacifiers with Mary Billings, a fellow SLP and Certified Orofacial Myologist.

How common is autism

Read: Increasing Attention in Children with Autism

What are Executive Function Skills

Read –  My interview with fellow SLP Jennifer Hatfield on Executive Functions and Speech Therapy please click the link above.

Regrettably I couldn’t showcase ALL my favorites because there are several I regularly reference or use in therapy and need them at my disposable. Please see my resource page for more!

I hope this post has been helpful. Please feel free to stay awhile and check out some other popular posts like…. or come back another time. Hope to see you soon! Also, if you are a local Ramsey resident please pop in and visit the Ramsey Public Library!

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