Halloween Books for Speech Therapy – My Favorites

Books provide a meaningful way to teach various concepts. This is why I love using books during my speech therapy sessions.

In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite Halloween themed picture books. I’m also giving one or two reasons why, as a speech language pathologist, I particularly like a book and why I use it during my speech therapy sessions.

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Go Away Big Green Monster

A highly interactive book with repetitive and empowering phrases entices young children to yell, “Go Away, Big Green Monster!”

Read my informative blog post that explains how to use this monster favorite to model and elicit language!



Goodnight Goon

Goodnight Goon is a parody of one of the best selling books of all time, Goodnight Moon. It’s about a little werewolf who wants to sleep in his cozy little tomb except a goon is running amok and causing mischief.

It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse

This is a simple book.  The mouse draws happy, sad, scared, silly, and surprised faces on the pumpkins. It’s great for using to talk about emotions and feelings with toddlers and young preschoolers.



Mouse’s First Halloween

This gentle picture book is about a mouse that is celebrating his first Halloween. Initially, he is scared about spooky Halloween but then eventually learns that it’s not so petrifying after all.

I have written a blog post explaining it’s predictable story lines and its effective use of onomatopoeia, repetitive texts, and salient print. Click here to read about this all in detail.



Room on the Broom

This book is SO popular that it’s been made into a short film, Room on the Broom, sharing the same name.

Before watching the film, FIRST read this book with your child. Afterwards, pop some popcorn, herd everyone into the living room, and enjoy the film together as a family.

  • This book uses rich vocabulary words like cauldron, plait, keen, clambered, shrieked, bog, and thundering.  Your child will enjoy learning these words and WILL try to use them.
  • The story structure is also easy to follow which provides a context to target temporal terms like first, next, then, and last.


The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Scared of Anything

I REALLY love this book. I mean this little old lady is fearless. I would be scared just walking through a dark forest all by myself. I’m not too sure what would happen if shoes, pants, gloves, and more started to follow me – spoiler alert – this is what happens to the little old lady?! Yikes, right?

  • Extremely rich in onomatopoeia
  • Simple sequential story that allows your child to practice his or her storytelling


Which Halloween book is your favorite?

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