Homeschooling During a Pandemic – Week 3

How is everyone doing?

It’s March 30th and week 3 of homeschooling is in full swing.

In addition to what we have done in the past (see week 1 and week 2), here’s what’s new at The Scanlon School:

  1. Cosmic Kids Yoga –
    1. We tried this after one my clients and a few friends recommended it. My daughter and I LOVED The Wizard of Oz Adventure. Shane, our 2.5 year old continues to just watch but every once in awhile he bends, stretches, or shakes his body…we’re getting there.
  2. Making our beds –
    1. We fell out of this essential routine but the last few days I’ve been a stickler for it. Have you ever seen Naval Admiral William McRaven’s 2014 commencement speech at the University of Texas at Austin? If not, I implore you to watch it. Clients – R.F. and E.M., you may want to watch it with your parents. In fact, I’ll probably watch it with my 7 year old sometime this week.

As for myself, I find that I’m doing mostly everything at home so it’s been a struggle to really work. I’m sure many of you can relate. I found this article to be particularly helpful:

9 Tips to Deal with The Uncertainty of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Thus, the past 3 days, I’ve taken 25-minute jogs. Two of these jogs were family outings. My daughter went out on her scooter and my husband pushed Shane in the stroller. Exercising truly alleviates stress.

What has been working for your family? Anything I should try or know about? Please share.

If you’ve missed what we have done the first two weeks or are looking for more activities, printable schedules, or ideas, please see my posts:

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As always, please stay safe and healthy!


Do you like the classic book Goodnight Moon? If so, you and or your child, may appreciate me reading this aloud?

Kim Scanlon Reading Goodnight Moon aloud!

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