Coronavirus Social Distancing Home School Schedule

During these scary and uncertain times, establishing routines can be a source of comfort and predictability – especially for our children.

I created the three schedules, seen just below, to give my family and myself a sense of security and order.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to use them  – please click on the link or image below to download.

Please know these schedules are NOT perfect…we’ll probably make tweaks as we go. After all, that’s what happens in life – routines and schedules change and bend.

Click this link or the images below and you’ll find three different schedules:

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  1. The first schedule is a general one for our entire family but specifically tailored to the needs of our 7.5 year old daughter. I combined a schedule that I saw on twitter with the assigned homework program given by my daughter’s school district (Ramsey Public Schools). Thus, 8 different choice boards (Math, Reading, Social Studies/Science, Word Study, Writing, Art, Music, PE) have been combined into one daily routine calendar. My daughter’s school did a wonderful job pulling together a variety of fun learning activities!
  2. The second schedule follows the same order as the first but was tailored to the needs of my 2.5 year old.
  3. The third is blank – feel free to write in anything that works for you and your family!

These routines do not have to be set in stone but having a framework to follow may help you get through the day!


Additional tips/suggestions:

  1. Even though we will be quarantined, we are all planning to get dressed to start the day. This means – no pajamas. I’m hoping we’re able to do this on a consistent basis as I think it will give us a sense of purpose.
  2. Although my daughter’s school has provided many engaging learning activities, I may supplement or augment with additional learning tasks and social emotional goals, such as:
  3. If we REALLY need to get out of the house and have no where to go, we’ll go for a ride and cruise with the windows down!
  4. We will also regularly send snail mail to my husbands’ parents who are quarantined in PA.

I hope it helps. Feel free to share these with anyone you like!

I’m continuing to pray that we all remain safe and healthy!

Wishing you all the very best – we are all in this together!!


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