Vocabulary Development: How to Use a Describer Reading Style

According to research, the describer reading style greatly improves vocabulary acquisition in children, especially those with smaller vocabularies. If you are a parent, an educator, or a speech language pathologist, learn how to read with a describer reading style.

How to Use a Describer Reading Style to Develop Preschoolers’ Vocabulary

How to Use a Describer Reading Style to Develop Preschool Vocabulary

Learning to Read is a Ball is a two-part book. In the second half of the book, the attached 17 page parent guide explains how to use the picture book to skyrocket your child’s language and early literacy skills.

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The sections pictured below carefully define the describer reading style (in comparison to the performance-oriented reading style) and provide many examples on how to implement it to enhance your child’s vocabulary while reading the picture book. 

Believe me, it’s not hard to learn!

Preview Parent Guide Learning to Read is a Ball

Parent Guide Learning to Read is a Ball

In this video, I demonstrate how to use a describer style. Please take a peek!

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Kimberly Scanlon, M.A. CCC-SLP is a speech language pathologist, an author and a mother. As the owner of Scanlon Speech Therapy, LLC, a unique boutique practice in Bergen County, Kimberly embraces individuality and treats the whole person. Her goal is to spread compassion, hope, and some speech, language and literacy tips one moment, one person at a time. Her first book, My Toddler Talks: Strategies and Activities to Promote Your Child’s Language Development and her second book, Learning to Read is a Ball are available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



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