Help My Child To Read: 4 Tips to Select Print Salient Books

Print-salient books entice children to observe print and motive conversation about print. Increasing your child’s print awareness is an important step in preparing a young child to learn to read. 

In a previous post, I define salient print and give a list of my 10 favorite print salient books. If you’re interested in learning more about print saliency, please read that post.

I’m further diving into print saliency by sharing 4 tips to help YOU choose print salient books.


Because what happens if you take a visit to your library and all my recommended books are checked out or not available?

You’ll have to select your own.

Furthermore, there’s a small, tiny, little chance that you may not like my recommendations.  If you don’t, please let me know as I love hearing from my readers.

Without further ado, as you have important things to do and I have delightful clients to treat, here are the 4 tips:

  1. Books averaging fewer than 5 words per page (if it’s a few more words, don’t worry – key word is average.)
  2. Large, bold font size 20 or larger (that’s pretty noticeable font)
  3. Repetitive print (words or text that appear numerous times in the story)
  4. Appealing pictures that complement the storyline and enhance text

The PDF below is in my freebie library! It’s available in black and white.

Print salient books


Justice, L., & Kaderavek, J. (2002). Using shared storybook reading to promote emergent literacy. Teaching Exceptional Children, 34 (4), 8-13.

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