Some kind words...

“Kim worked with my 9-year-old son for three years and she has been a Godsend! My son had a stutter and difficulty pronouncing certain sounds. My daughter was just listening to a video of her brother from when he was six. She said, “Mom, He speaks so much better now. He stuttered and couldn’t pronounce rs or ls.” I listened to the recording as well and was blown away. What she accomplished with him was phenomenal. She made every lesson unique and fun. He now speaks confidently, and often, in class, his teacher had no idea he ever even had a stutter. He doesn’t always have perfect speech, but he now has the tools and knows what to do. We are so fortunate to have found her.”

– Mother of a 9 year old boy

“We contacted Kim Scanlon after our child was identified by her school as having a speech impediment. Kim was able to provide a comprehensive evaluation that outlined which issues were due to age and would likely resolve on their own, and which issues would not improve without intervention. Kim was able to engage my child in a fun and easy-going manner, while providing excellent therapy. At all times, Kim was professional and dependable. The therapy was a complete success in a short time, and we were very happy with the results.”

– Janine M., mother of 5 1/2 year old child

“Our daughter loved Kim. She got excited when Kim was coming over to “play with her”. The sessions were fun & engaging. Kim always tried new things to keep it interesting, and she gave us great ideas to try out at home. Kim started when our daughter was 15 months old, & in a little over a year, she no longer needed therapy – her speech was impressive!”

– Parents of M.K.

“I met Kim for the first time when my son was two and a half. She was his Speech Pathologist. Over the six months of services my son recieved, Kim came to our house once a week to work with him. he was always happy to see her and so was I because I learned more things from her then I could have imagined. After she stopped coming over. I felt lost and I didn’t know where to go or what to do for my child after early intervention. Because I felt even though he was in preschool he needed that extra one on one attention. The light at the end of the tunnel was her first book My Toddler Talks. When I would read it, it was as if she was in the room with me. I loved it. Now that Kim has a new book in the works. I can’t wait for it. It will be perfect I am sure for the issues my son is still having now that he is school age.”

– April Mother of Anthony

“Thank you so much for all the tremendous work you did with our daughter. Your support and care for her is greatly appreciated. She matured so well and progressed amazingly under your care and supervision. We can’t thank you enough!”

– Mother of an adorable 29 month old girl

“Kim is a dedicated and knowledgeable speech pathologist. Our son responded to her methods of therapy and demonstrated sizeable gains within a short period of time. I credit Kim with laying the foundation for our son to succeed in ways that can be promoted at home.”

– Heather O’Neil

“Kim Scanlon started working with my autistic son when he was about 3 years old. He only had a few vocabulary words at that time. Within about a year, his language took off. If I could, I would nominated Ms. Kim as the world’s best speech therapist. I never met someone so dedicated to helping my child. Not only did she gave him a voice, and the ability to speak his thoughts instead of expressing them through behavior, she taught him social skills, how to attend, and a lot more than just speech. She doesn’t just work with your child, she gave me work and homework to help my child reach his max potential even outside speech therapy session. Thank you Ms. Kim, I’m blessed to have met you!”

– Mother of I.M. age 5 years old

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kim as she treats she my child for speech therapy services for the correction of a lateral lisp. Kim is fantastic, highly knowledgeable, very effective, and versed in the most recent articulation remediation techniques. Most importantly Kim keeps my active 8-year-old son focused on therapy exercises and motivates him to accomplish his articulation goals. My son has made rapid progress and Kim keeps me up to date on what they are working on in therapy and provides us with practice exercises for carryover between sessions and during school breaks. Kim’s professionalism and knowledge of her field make her an asset to any family.”

– Meredith Kaner