Year-Round Vocabulary Activities for Pre-K, K, and Early Elementary Students

A strong vocabulary is crucial for gaining and expanding one’s knowledge.

When learning a new skill or subject, it’s important to have some background knowledge of what certain words mean in order to understand and retain new information.

When children encounter unknown words, they could run into trouble when trying to understand the text. This makes it important for them to build a solid vocabulary foundation.

What can you do to help at home?

Parents can help build their child’s vocabulary by reading new books, explaining daily actions or routines, exploring new places or destinations, or engaging in conversations.

– Kimberly Scanlon, M.A., CCC-SLP

An easy way to do this is by using a thematic approach!

Specific themes allow a child to focus on a specific set of new vocabulary words, and they are able to see the connection between the different words, reinforcing them into their vocabulary. 

Introducing my Growing Year Round Vocabulary Building Bundle product!

This BUNDLE includes engaging and easy-to use worksheets (just print and go) and activities you can use over and over again for the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Hanukkah
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Passover
  • Easter
  • Earth Day

What does “growing” mean?

This is an unfinished product that you can buy at a discounted price, as I will be adding more holidays to this bundle throughout the year.

The following holidays will be included:

  • 4th of July
  • Halloween

You can use these activities during one-on-one sessions, small groups, or infused classes to introduce, reinforce, or teach holiday themed vocabulary concepts. 

What’s included in each product?

Each product includes the following:

Did You Know

  • Informational quote from the book, Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction by Isabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown, and Linda Kucan or a research article. These quotes will instruct and inspire you to use evidence-based practice in your vocabulary instruction.

Introducing the Vocabulary:

  • Brainstorm: What Do You Know About the holiday – an activity to activate prior knowledge

Interacting with the Vocabulary:

  • Thematic Holiday Cards: colorful flashcards to interact and play with the vocabulary words
  • Puzzle Cards Large puzzle cards that you and your child can put together while saying the words
  • Say, Color, and Display Coloring Sheets
    • These coloring sheets contain pictures of the target words for your child, student, or client to color. They are unique because there is a visual cue for the first sound of the pictured word. For instance, the lips are together for the picture of the bells. This cues children to say the word by putting their lips together. Such visuals can help your toddler see how to make the first sound in the word. Coloring these pictures is a wonderful way to intentionally target this holiday vocabulary.
  • Guess What I Am: Cut and Paste Activity
  • Vocabulary Puzzles
  • Draw and Connect Puzzles – These are available in color and in black and white

Extension Ideas

  • A fun activity related to the holiday (e.g. for Christmas – write a letter to Santa, for Valentine’s Day – write a Valentine’s Day Card for your friend). These are available in color and in black and white.
  • Favorite Holiday Themed Picture Books
  • List of Extension Ideas
  • Tele-therapy Suggestions
  • Credits and Thank You

These activities include thoughtfully selected vocabulary words that are relevant to each specific holiday.

Holiday Print and Go Worksheets

Your child or student will be immersed into each holiday theme, allowing them to truly master the new words and skills.

This bundle can be purchased on my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and after purchasing you will have access to ALL the vocabulary activities that have been completed above AND the opportunity to download the additional vocabulary activities for these upcoming holidays once they are uploaded!

Go get it now!

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