Passover Activities for Speech Therapy

Recently, I was scrolling through a Facebook group exclusive to speech language pathologists and read about the lack of speech therapy materials and activities related to Jewish holidays.

Even though I’m not Jewish, I have Jewish clients and enjoy recognizing their major holidays and honoring them in my speech therapy sessions.

Passover is only a few weeks away and I’ve planned some thoughtful activities that can easily be incorporated into your speech therapy sessions to target various speech and language goals.

Some of these activities and worksheets are from my Passover Vocabulary Building Product that is available for purchase in my teacherspayteachers store.

This product is jam-packed with engaging ways to learn vocabulary associated with Passover. Included are print and go worksheets that require NO prep work and a few items to laminate and use forever, making it the best of both worlds!

And, it’s only $2.75

What’s On My Seder Table and Plate?

What's on my seder table and plate. A vocabulary building activity for Passover. Speech Therapy

Often I like to start with a brainstorming activity to get the juices flowing. So, I’ll take out my, What’s On My Table for Passover Seder sheet and ask my clients to draw the food that they typically eat for Passover.

My What’s On My Seder Plate worksheet is also a great way to name and label the different foods that are typically eaten on this holiday.

Print these worksheets for in-person sessions or use the annotation tools for distance learning sessions.  

For children who need extra tactile support, I found this *adorable play food set too. Warning – the quality of the toy plate is not great but the food is fine.

*Amazon affiliate links included for your convenience.

Say, Color, and Display Coloring Sheets

Say, Color, and Display Worksheets for Passover - vocabulary building activities for speech therapy sessions.

These unique Say, Color, and Display coloring sheets are a fantastic way for students to see how to make the first sound in the word. See the visual mouth cue in the top left corner?  These visual cues help children see how to make the first sound in the word with their articulators. Coloring these pictures is a wonderful way to intentionally target this vocabulary.

Use crayons, markers, glitter bingo markers, watercolor paints, OR the annotation tools on zoom for your virtual leaners!


Passover Vocabulary Building Activities for speech therapy sessions.

Scatter vocabulary puzzle pieces featuring Passover vocabulary on a table- top or floor and watch your students put them together and say the words! I laminate the puzzle pieces so it’s super easy to disinfect!

Guess What I Am: Cut and Paste Activity

Guess What I Am! Cut and Paste Vocabulary Building Activity for Passover

Print this worksheet and give to students to cut, solve, and then glue the correct vocabulary word to the riddle. It’s an ideal homework assignment or can be used in your speech therapy session when you’re having a busy day and need something easy to implement – just print and go activity (and grab scissors and glue – my clients like sparkle glue!).

Read Picture Books about Passover

Read picture books about Passover for vocabulary building in speech therapy

Use picture books to introduce your child to a holiday, to prepare them for an upcoming holiday, and to expose them to specific vocabulary words about the holiday.

There are several picture books about Passover and I’ve included a picture list of 8 different ones in my Passover Vocabulary Building Product.

Here are two that I’m SUPER excited to use in my sessions next week:

My First Passover by Tomie dePaolo – perfect book for toddlers and preschoolers because the illustrations are beautiful and the text is simple.

The Matzo Ball Boy –by Lisa Shulman is a delightful book for preschoolers and younger elementary students – especially those who like The Gingerbread Man .

Have you read either?

Distance Learning Activities

Although I prefer in-person speech therapy sessions, sometimes, that’s not always possible. Fortunately, infusing short video clips from youtube can sometimes spice up an online therapy session. The key word is SHORT. I try my best to make the video watching an engaging, learning experience by pausing the clip to ask question and to summarize.

If you need MORE speech therapy activities and worksheets related to Passover, please see my Passover Vocabulary Building Product.

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