Valentine’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy Sessions

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What are you doing to celebrate?

I made these simple Valentine’s Day themed goodies for my son’s preschool class. Thank you, Skinny Pop! I’m feeling so accomplished! Amazon affiliate links included for your convenience.

Now, I’m excited to share what I’m doing in my speech therapy sessions! Many of these activities include items from my Valentine’s Day product that is loaded with fun stuff to learn vocabulary associated with holiday – 52 pages and only $2.75 – yay!

Sensory Bin Fun

Hide flashcards – vocabulary words related to the Valentine’s Day in – a sensory bin. Have your students pick up the flashcards using tongs!


These unique Say, Color, and Display coloring sheets are a fantastic way for students to see how to make the first sound in the word  – see the visual mouth cue in the top left corner? Use crayons, markers, glitter bingo markers, watercolor paints, OR the annotation tools on zoom for your virtual leaners!


Disperse the puzzles on a table top or floor and watch your students put them together and say the words!

Read some books about Valentine’s Day

There are so many wonderful Valentine’s Day books that explain the holiday, the tradition of writing Valentine’s, and express the general sentiment of loving and respecting each other. We need more warm feelings today!

Sandra Boynton’s Snuggle Puppy is an adorable, heart-warming book that is perfect to read year round but I like introducing it to families on my caseload around Valentine’s Day.

Distance Learning?

Although I prefer in-person speech therapy sessions, sometimes it’s not possible. Fortunately, there are some distance learning options like those listed above and included in my Valentine’s Day product

Learning fun facts about Valentine’s Day is particularly interesting for my school aged students!  Check out this youtube video …

Play – Mail Some Valentines!

Use the valentines created in my Valentine’s Day product and mail them using a pretend play mailbox! Take it to the next level by smacking on a stamp and mailing them to family and friends! Do this activity even if your child cannot write! Scribbling encourages our children to become literate individuals!

Simple Craft – I Love You to Pieces

I Love You to Pieces only involves glue, a heart worksheet, and some ripped paper – can use tissue paper, construction paper, newspapers, or anything you have around the house! For toddlers and young preschoolers target those verbs like “rip”, “stick”, “rub”, “help” – I write about the importance of learning verbs in my book, My Toddler’s First Words.

Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary Building Product

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