If My Child Should Be Born With a Stutter

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“…my home will be a sanctuary for my child…”

As a speech language pathologist who treats many individuals who stutter, I often tune into the informative podcast, StutterTalk: Changing how you think about stuttering. It is here where I learned about teenager and persons who stutters, Samantha Roybler.

If you are the parent of a child who stutters, I highly recommend listening to Samantha’s beautiful, emotionally raw, spoken word poem, “If My Child Should be Born with a Stutter”. It’s hard to get through without feeling emotion or shedding a tear. In fact, I cried and so did my client when we listened to it. Brava, Samantha! You are a true inspiration to people who stutter and to the individuals who love them.

Thank you StutterTalk podcast for the introduction. If you want to change your way of thinking about stuttering, definitely tune into their podcast.

Without further ado, here is Samantha:

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