Irresistible Speech Therapy in Bergen County

Irresistible Speech Therapy

I recently discovered an inspirational presentation by a charismatic speech language pathologist named Gina Davies. In it she implores her audience to ask themselves:

“Is My Therapy Irresistible?”

Here are some takeaways from Gina’s quick but impactful presentation:

  • “Therapy should inspire attention.”
  • “When there is attention communication can start.”
  • “Take a risk with me because I’m going to take a risk with you.”
  • “If a child is really focused and engaged in an irresistible activity whatever speech and language goals you infused into that activity will be what that child remembers.”
  • “Is my therapy worth communicating about? Interesting things are worth communicating about.”
  • “Make therapy worth the effort. “
  • “You must be in it with the child – have fun together!”

Like, Gina, I believe speech therapy should be an enjoyable and fun experience. Gina did a fantastic job inspiring thought and reflection from her listeners. Thanks Gina for further reinforcing and validating my beliefs and for further inspiring speech therapists around the world!


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