2013 Preschooler Toys to Improve Cognition, Play, and Language

2013 Preschooler Toys to Improve Cognition, Play, and Language

Toys for Preschoolers

Here’s my 2013 Best of Preschooler Toys to Improve Cognition, Play, and Language.

Every year, to the dismay of the economical husband, I spend a good amount of money on toys (aka speech therapy materials) to encourage my clients’ speech and language skills and subsequent cognitive and play skills. I describe the connection between play and language in my book, My Toddler Talks: Strategies and Activities to Promote Your Child’s Language Development (see Appendix D).

This year, I’ve divided my list.

Toys I recommend for toddlers can be found at My Toddler Talks and toys I recommend for  preschoolers and up can be found here at Scanlon Speech Therapy.

Hope you find it helpful!

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Learning Resources Ruff’s House Teaching Tactile Set

Ruff’s House is a wonderful tactile guessing game. I use it to expand my clients’ expressive and receptive vocabulary (e.g. smooth, silky, bumpy, soft, etc). 

Eeboo Picnic Game

A cute high quality game that mimics going on a picnic. This game helps promote categorizing skills and decision making, both needed to foster language learning.  

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle

I like this puzzle so much, that I’ve included it on my list of 7 Types of Close-Ended Games, Toys and Activities to Promote Attention in Preschoolers.

Thin Ice

An easy to play game that I primarily use with my articulation clients as a reinforcer. Waiting in anticipation for the ice to break is just so exciting! Don’t be surprised if you constantly see your child’s head duck to look under the ice after each time he or she drops the plastic marble to see if the tissue (ice) is breaking!

Fisher-Price Disney’s Mickey Mouse Farm Playset

Mickey’s Farm Playset is another toy that has never disappointed any of my toddler or preschooler clients. The swinging arm swings the pig, cow and chicken to the windmill, a very uncommon and unexpected fun twist. Kids LOVE this set. Perfect for developing language and play skills.   

Fisher-Price Disney’s Mickey’s Tractor Toss


A client of mine who loved the above Mickey Mouse Farm went out and bought this incredibly fun propelling tractor as well as the the farm set.

Seasons and Weather Puzzle Set


This educational season and weather puzzle set is only available at Lakeshore Learning. These context rich themed puzzles are pretty unique which is why I like them so much!! Perfect for targeting various verbs, nouns, and adjectives associated with the different seasons and changing weather.

Melissa & Doug Make-A-Face Sticker Pad


FYI – This pad only includes blank faces. You or the child are suppose to draw in the faces.

Here’s an example of what one of my little clients drew:


Well, that about wraps it up for now.

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Kimberly Scanlon, M.A. CCC-SLP is a speech language pathologist, an author and a mother. As the owner of Scanlon Speech Therapy, LLC, a unique boutique practice in Bergen County, Kimberly embraces individuality and treats the whole person. Her goal is to spread compassion, hope, and some speech, language and literacy tips one moment, one person at a time.  Her first book, My Toddler Talks: Strategies and Activities to Promote Your Child’s Language Development and her her second book, Learning to Read is a Ball are available for purchase at online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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