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Scanlon Speech Therapy is a boutique practice providing highly individualized speech and language assessments and therapy in the comfort of your child’s home or through online teletherapy.

When You Choose Scanlon Speech Therapy, You Choose The Best.

Kimberly Scanlon, the practice’s owner and founder, is a New Jersey licensed speech language pathologist and nationally certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). An innovative thinker and passionate therapist, Kimberly, created a unique practice driven by compassion, integrity, and best practice. Each client deserves careful attention.

You are not a number. You are a person, an individual.

As a result all speech therapy services are client-centered, focusing on the whole person and whole family. Kimberly trains parents and caregivers and includes them in the therapeutic process. Clients who are self-motivated or have the needed familial support to succeed are welcomed and embraced at this practice. Kimberly has extensive experience and expertise providing the following speech therapy services:

Articulation, Phonology and Apraxia of Speech

  • Targeting delays and disorders for all ages
  • Trained in PROMPT therapy and Talk Tools®
  • Experienced in various oral motor placement and sensory techniques to enhance speech (e.g. Char Boshart’s articulation and oral sensory and motor placement techniques for speech (e.g.”R” Solutions From Capability to Carryover). Pam Marshalla’s articulation and oral sensory motor placement techniques for speech (e.g. Lateral and Frontal Lisps), as well as Christine Risuccia’s articulation and speech sound disorders techniques (e.g. The Entire World of R, Frontal and Lateral Lisp Disorders and Early Developing Sounds)

Private Early Intervention

  • For toddlers who are “late talkers” or delayed in expressive language skills (e.g. saying or adding too few words to his or her vocabulary, or not yet combining words when it is expected)
  • Learn how to use effective, evidence-based techniques to model and elicit language
  • Find out how to use video recording to increase self-awareness of communication
  • Discover how to create a language rich environment and how to use techniques during daily routines
  • Learn specific skills, techniques, and play routines outlined in Kimberly’s best-selling books My Toddler Talks and My Toddler’s First Words
  • Certified in: It Takes Two to Talk® – the Hanen Program-® – for Parents of Children with Language Delays as well as More Than Words®

Kindergarten Readiness

  • For preschoolers who have difficulty learning letters and numbers or those who do not show interest in learning
  • Offer individualized instruction, using evidence-based practices to target the skills required for learning to read (oral language and storytelling phonological and phonemic awareness, print awareness, attention, auditory memory)
  • Learn and use strategies detailed in Kimberly’s book, Learning to Read is a Ball

Private Coaching

  • Individual coaching sessions are offered as a way to ensure that parents have sufficient knowledge and strategies to support their child’s speech, language and literacy development at home.

Expressive and Receptive Language Skills

  • Targeting delays and disorders for all ages
  • Use evidence-based strategies to facilitate and improve expressive language skills, auditory comprehension, and language processing

Executive Function

  • For preschoolers to adults
  • Learn evidence-based techniques to improve planning, organization, remembering details, managing time and space, and attending to new information


  • For preschoolers to adults
  • Specialize in Lidcombe and Camperdown Programs
  • Coach parents to acquire and use Interactive Communication Training Skills designed by stuttering expert Kristin Chmela, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Use evidence-based strategies to facilitate and improve fluency and confidence in all speaking situations
  • Implement a comprehensive and integrated approach when appropriate to the clients’ needs and goals
  • Train adolescents and adults to learn tools to manage stuttering, learn strategies for dealing with negative thoughts and emotions, and encourage the use of other tools to manage the negative consequences of stuttering
  • Stuttering groups are available for clients to practice techniques in a group setting

Pragmatic Language Skills/Social Communication Skills

  • Targeting delays and disorders for all ages
  • Incorporate Greenspan’s Floor-time Approach when needed
  • Please see Facilitated Play Dates for additional information

Accent Modification

  • Modifying accents by increasing intelligibility without sacrificing an individual’s unique identity
  • Certified in Compton P-ESL Method

Educational Workshops and Seminars

  • Kimberly Scanlon provides educational workshops and seminars for local libraries, houses of worship, mommy groups, daycare centers and schools. She also offers consultative services for caregivers, teachers, and other related professionals. To schedule Kimberly for a workshop please, contact her at

Facilitated Play Dates

  • Facilitated play dates allow children the opportunity to relate to peers in a group setting. These dates help with the carryover of social skills and encourage social understanding, but most importantly allow for relationship building. This type of play date is very effective for children who may have difficulty connecting with peers and making friends.
  • Kimberly facilitates the play date in a non-intrusive manner. Age appropriate games, arts and crafts activities, and play skills are interwoven with language-based activities.