In the Arctic Receptive and Expressive Language Activities for Speech Therapy

In the Arctic Receptive and Expressive Language Activities for Speech Therapy

Bundle up because we’re heading to the Arctic!

Do you like to have fun during your speech therapy sessions? I do too!

This Arctic Inspired Packet is perfect for winter and makes learning about the Arctic engaging and FUN – for in-person AND remote/virtual sessions!

In the Arctic Receptive and Expressive Language Activities for Speech Therapy is a fun-filled packet of various activities and games to target improving your student’s receptive (understanding words and language as well as listening skills) and expressive language skills (using words and language to express thoughts). 

Using a thematic approach, the student is introduced or re-introduced to vocabulary associated with the Arctic (e.g. polar bear, igloo, musher). Since repetition is vital to language learning, In the Arctic includes several different ways for vocabulary to be entertainingly experienced (e.g. Colorful cards to play memory and cute puzzles to put together). 

However, In the Arctic targets MORE than just vocabulary! There are 5 different Venn Diagrams (in color AND in black and white) to assist in comparing and contrasting various animals and items associated with the Arctic. 

THEN, there is the Arctic themed – Listen and Follow the Directions Activity that encourages your child to carefully listen and follow super amusing directions (basic one-step directions and more complex two-step directions). 

And, there is the extremely enjoyable –Listen, Learn, and Remember Game that teaches your child fun facts about the Arctic – your child will DEFINITELY want to play this game! 

In the Arctic can be used by speech therapists, educators, and parents and enjoyed by children in Kindergarten through 8th grade.


What’s included?

  • Introduction to the Arctic – activities for in-person OR remote/virtual sessions
  • Drawing Time – What Should I Wear? – Ask your students to draw what they would wear if they went to the Arctic. Give them a few minutes to draw their picture and then discuss. This sheet can be printed or can be digitally annotated for drawing.
  • Vocabulary Picture Cards: Arctic animals and items related to the Arctic – in cartoon graphics AND real photographs
  • Sensory Bin Activity
  • Wh-Questions – For in-person or virtual sessions. Have students read and answer the questions.
  • Puzzles – Mix up the pieces and have your child(ren) put the puzzles together. For virtual sessions, the treating clinician or educator holds up one half of the puzzle and asks students to guess the ocean animal. This is VERY FUN!
  • You Tube Videos – links to interesting and educational short videos related to the Arctic
  • Venn Diagrams – more than 9 diagrams!
  • Listen & Follow the Directions activity – follow various directions (basic one-step to more complex, multiple step directions – all related to the Arctic so the students have context
  • Listen, Remember, & Learn – super FUN game that my clients LOVE to play!
  • Let it Snow! An Open-Ended Articulation Activity – Color or cover the Snowflakes with bingo markers or tokens as your students practice their target sounds.
  • Thank you and Credits

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About the SLP:

Kimberly Scanlon, MA, CCC-SLP is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist and has earned 4 awards for continuing education (ACE). She is also the author of the best selling book, “My Toddler Talks: Strategies and Activities to Promote Your Child’s Language Development”, the interactive picture book, “Learning to Read is a Ball”, and “My Toddler’s First Words: A Step-By-Step Guide to Jump-Start, Track, and Expand Your Toddler’s Language”.

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